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10/20.2020 | 두번째 구호사역

최근 홍수로 피해를 입은 지역

Please report the disasters of the waterfall in Lyyong Phat (sugarcane farm) to affect Kvet Toul Kean Kleang village, Kol Terk commune, Terk Pos district, Kampong Chhnang province on 11th October 2020, have an impact on 14 families plus 8 other families living in different village, total 22 families are lacking in light area and have children about 60 + 32 = 92 people (lack of clothes (No shirt))) and damaged like: A widow's house, a widow's house, some crops, a bathroom, broke out of the bridge, lost chicken, goose, lost pot, rice, blanket (because of water flowing) and a woman was up until the water lost, just got down (the residents found). Etc.

According to actual reviews and direct meets, discussing the village of people affected by floods, their needs are facing the lack: some material such as rice, blankets, clothes and education materials for children too. Etc.

- from The House Cambodia Bible School THC


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